While programmers sleep, Fullmoon makes nightly builds.1

General information

If you need any more information at this time, download fullmoon source archive below and see files in doc-directory.


Anonymous read access to svn repository is available.



Marko Lindqvist

Please put word [Fullmoon] to subject line, e.g. "[Fullmoon] May I donate hardware for fullmoon development?". Otherwise I may skip it as mail from some mailing list - not meant to me specifically. I get a lot of mail and I cannot read everything.


Fullmoon is primarily released as source code. Some binary deb-packets will appear to build.cazfi.net repositories, but there's no guarantees when, if ever, any one packet will become available.

Release 0.5.1 (05-Jan-16 11:47 UTC)

Release 0.5 (29-Oct-12 19:50 UTC)

Release 0.4.3 (30-Sep-12 03:19 UTC)

Release 0.4.2 (04-Jun-12 11:12 UTC)

Release 0.4.1 (09-Jan-12 07:30 UTC)

Release 0.4 (10-Dec-11 14:36 UTC)

Release 0.3 (13-Aug-11 18:58 UTC)

Release 0.2.2 (21-Dec-10 08:13 UTC)

Release 0.2.1 (26-Jun-10 11:30 UTC)

Release 0.2 (02-Nov-09 19:14 UTC)

Release 0.1.6 (07-Jun-09 18:12 UTC)

Release 0.1.5 (14-Oct-08 20:03 UTC)

Release 0.1.4 (15-Sep-08 09:13 UTC)

Release 0.1.3 (16-Aug-08 21:16 UTC)

Release 0.1.2 (18-Jul-08 07:59 UTC)

Release 0.1.1 (18-Jun-08 17:30 UTC)

Release 0.1.0 (20-May-08 02:11 UTC)

1. Or maybe: "While programmers sleep, Fullmoon makes daily builds"
2. Exactly 2.

There are holes in the software development process big enough for Fullmoon.